Our product line begins with the FrutStix frozen fruit bars. We use only the freshest, ripest, juiciest fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, pineapples, watermelons, coconuts and bananas.

We blend this fresh fruit with quality ingredients to create nutritious low-calorie bars that contain chunks of fruit as well as authentic fruit flavor. FrutStix are 100% natural and contain no artificial flavors, or preservatives. What's more, FrutStix juice-based bars are Fat Free, Gluten Free, Kosher and contain 0 Trans Fat.

In addition to FrutStix fruit bars, we proudly produce Fudgstix and FudgStix Lite creamy fudge bars. Blended with the finest quality chocolate, FudgStix allows chocolate lovers to indulge in an incredibly rich treat. For those consumers who love the taste of chocolate but are "fat gram" conscious, FudgeStix Lite has a delectable chocolate taste at a remarkable 99% fat free.

In addition to offering quality products, sophisticated packaging, expertise in manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, FrutStix is committed to reponding to the needs and concerns of our customers. The FrutStix Staff strives to create positive and successful relationships with each of our distributors and retailers.